It's January!  And it's ridiculously cold!  I don't remember Utah ever getting quite this cold!  I hope you are all staying safe and warm.

My reading students have been learning about Martin Luther King Jr this month. Ask them about the "egg demonstration" and what they know about this great man.  This week in reading we have been training to start a new reading program next week.  This is a program I used in Utah and I'm excited to see the results.  The kids have had a great attitude about this!

In math we are finishing up a test on multiplication and division.  All of my math students this week turned in their homework!  
Happy December!  I absolutely cannot believe the amount of snow outside!  It certainly snows in Utah but I don't think I've ever seen this much at one time before!  

This week my reading students have been working on designing a new suit for Santa to wear.  He's tired of the same old.  So they've written a letter to Santa asking him to choose their awesome new design for his new costume contest.  I'm sending him the letters today and should hear back on the winner in 2 days (Friday).  He will definitely have a hard time deciding!

This week my math students are finishing up their current math unit and will most likely be tested this week.  I'm excited for the new concepts we'll learn in January.

I hope you all have a wonderful vacation!  Feel free to check out my reading and math pages for ideas to keep your child practicing their skills o
It's November!  Crazy!  Please let me know if your child does not celebrate the holidays so that I can take that into account while lesson planning.  

Also, students have been showing good progress in their reading, math and writing abilities.  I have especially seen a jump in students abilities when they have gone from not reading at home to reading at home.  It makes such a difference.  

I would like to go over my behavior expectations in my classroom.  I work on a point system which means that with hard work and cooperation the kids earn points throughout their sessions with me.  Those points are turned in on Fridays for some reward/game time.  I also have a "Chill" area in my room which is for students who need a break for a minute or 2.  In addition, I use the "star chart" to encourage homework completion.  Students get a box checked when hmwk is turned in and after 6 boxes they choose a prize.  Above all, I expect my students to take responsibility for their choices.  Many kids try blaming their parents for the reason they have not completed their homework or their peers for the reason they didn't earn all their points.  I'm a big advocate of choices and consequences and taking responsibility.  Please let me know if you have questions at any time.  Thanks!
NECAP testing is here!  These are state required tests that assess the student's grade level abilities at the beginning of the year.  Then they will be given again at the end of the year to show progress, etc.  Most of the students seeing me are not on grade level and that's okay.  I've tried to ease any anxieties that students may have about these tests.

The next week and a half will be a little crazy because of NECAPS but then we will move into the swing of things.  Math homework will not start going home until the testing is done. I will send homework packets on October 15th (Remember there is no school on the 14th). 

Reading homework continues to be 30 min of nightly reading.  I can't emphasize enough how crucial this time is to helping your child's progress.
This month we are writing "scary stories" which we will read each Friday to one another in the dark with flashlights.  I'm hoping the kids love it!  If the stories turn out well then I will try to put together a book of stories that they can each bring home.  

I'm excited to have fun with the kids this month!  I LOVE Fall!

    Ms. Combs

    I'm new to the state of Maine this year.  I was a Social Worker in the state of Utah for several years until recently getting a Master's Degree in Special Education.  This is my 2nd year teaching and I love it!


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