Fantastic job PJ, Haze, Stephen and Joe for filling up your homework Star Chart yet AGAIN for another prize!!!! :)
Stephen S. went out of his way to include and encourage another 5th grader who has a disability.  Stephen was so kind to this peer.  I was so imp
Way to go Austin for having great posture during our fluency reading in front of the whole class!!!  Austin doesn't really like public speaking but he gets better every time!!! :)
Congratulations to Stephen, Haze and Joe who have completed their weekly homework for the last 6 weeks and were able to choose a prize today!  Keep up the good work1!
Great job to Stephen (5th), Haze (5th), Gavin (4th), Dylan (5th) and Cody (5th) who have returned their homework every week!
5th graders who see me for services have been taking NECAPS in my room for the last week and a half for NECAPS.  WOW!  They have been working so hard!  It's been a grueling week and a half but they are rock stars!!!  GOOD JOB!
Here's a shout out to Ben who ALWAYS holds the door open for people.  Such a gentleman!!!  Thank you Ben!

I strongly believe in positive reinforcement and praise.  This blog is to recognize students for behavior that goes up and beyond what is required.  Please join me in giving them a verbal pat on the back!